An Update Faithful reader, have your eyes recovered yet from the spectacle that was Craig Lawrence's blindingly beautiful window installation at Selfridges? It looks particularly nice as the sun sets over the store and the sun is at its lowest over Oxford Street. The prone mannequin looked like it was being winched from a molten vat of gold lava on Sunday afternoon - it was all very dramatic! This week has been all about waiting, preparing and saving. On Monday, I met up with my friend turned fellow Londoner Miss Bronwyn of Opland. We cooed over many things, including my sadness at not being allowed to join the Shoreditch WI, because I AM NOT WOMAN. But thats fine, I have a book to teach me crochet anyway...We caught up with this lovely installation by Mr Gary of Card in LEVIS on Regent Street. It was well good. Later this week I went to the Barbican's 'Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion' exhibition. Having been recommended by many people to go and see this, I came away a little disappointed. I think I've realised that whilst I appreciate fashion a lot, theatre and performance have a much stronger impact on how I feel and think. This might seem like an obvious conclusion, but its taken me a while to come to it. Now that I am a resident of Central London (CEN-TRAL) I've taken it upon myself to actually get a sense of geography of the place. Buildings like these are helping me find my way around! Saturday was rife with drunk shenanigans, including a visit from Miss Carmen of Ho who turned up with the biggest hair since Marge Simpson. How we cackled over wines and ciders whilst browsing what the latest porn channels on Sky has to offer...Finally, a mid morning wake up call when I turned on the telly the other day: Nice.

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