2. Craig Lawrence for Selfridges
After a few consultations with MACHINE-A and Craig, we based out some more ideas. There were some budget issues and logistics involved with set elements which needed to be considered. At this stage, Craig was now interested in incorporating his knitting machine. I had to think of a way to bring these elements together whilst remainging faithful to Craig's original concept. I referred to 1920s/1930s iconography and art deco for inspiration.
Idea 1: This idea retains the free-falling mannequin originally discussed, somehow being sucked into the knitting machine! Idea 2: I like this idea a lot - I referred to Art Deco machinery and images of Marilyn Monroe. Big Dress. Idea 3: A cocktail evening besides the knitting machine, anyone?!

It was decided that we would continue with the first idea as it was closer to the original concept. I think I quite liked them all though - we should have done 10 windows!

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