1. Craig Lawrence for Selfridges
Concept Faithful reader, I'm pleased to be able to share with you this wonderful project which has been bubbling away for the last couple of months or so. It's a bit of a funny one. I shall try and explain: Craig Lawrence, the knitwear designer was asked by Selfridges to contribute a window installation and a capsule collection which would be available for January 2011: New Year, New Designers. MACHINE-A, the people in charge of Craig's PR, approached me to help in the production of the window. I was very excited to be given this opportunity to work with both of the stores again, and to work with Craig. Selfridges had invited 10 'Bright Young Things' to showcase their work in the windows in January, followed by another 10 'Bright Young Things' in February. You can see a window mock up of theirs at the top of this post. MACHINE-A and Craig had very firm ideas about what they wanted for the Craig Window. I drew some concept sketches of the ideas proposed and these were pitched to Selfridges. At this stage, all we knew was that the windows needed to incorporate one of Craig's dresses, a falling mannequin and some kind of reflective mirror. Above is Ash from MACHINE-A's sketch to me about what it should look like.
Concept 1: Concept 2: Concept 3:
As with all these things, we had very little time and budget and available space to work. Plus, during these initial stages, I was still working at school as a Teaching Assistant. Deadlines were set. Work needed to begin.

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