4. Piers Atkinson for Machine A:
The Christmas Video
The Event Last night, Machine-A premiered mine and Poppy's fashion film for Piers Atkinson and Machine-A during the store's special Christmas themed launch party in Soho. Piers' window insallations were unveilled to a packed store of well wishers and fashionistas. Poppy and I had lots of lovely feedback about the video, and everybody seemed to have a great time. Everything seemed to gel perfectly; the fun, camp, and celebratory aessthetic of the windows matched perfectly with the mine and Poppy's film and the event as a whole. The window installations by Piers, Alun Davies, Kim Howells and the creative team at Planarama [who took charge of the installation process] looked absolutely fabulous. And mine and Poppy's names are on them! In gold vinyl! Nice! Siva Kaneswaran from The Wanted was in attendance. I nearly died, just days after seeing him on X Factor. He was so lovely. I even forced him down to the basement space to watch mine and Poppy's film just to say that Siva from The Wanted has watched our film!! And then he even posed with us and the film. Lovely!
Press From The Event
Fashion Aspirin

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