3. Piers Atkinson for Machine-A:
The Christmas Video
Making Of A Saturday morning was earmarked for the shoot, so everything needed to be ready in time. With the only major set element being the (incredibly) simple triangle frame, I got down to some angles based carpentry. My Dad checking my angles. Standing proud in my parent's driveway...Painting the frame white.
The shoot itself went really well - though not everything we had planned to film got recorded. The filming was an organic process which I liked a alot, with everyone in the store that Saturday morning chipping in with ideas, and helping out where necessary. Aaron was such a fantastic and willing model for us, despite being covered in anything we could chuck at him. He was still smiling after being strapped into Piers's neon hat for an hour and half too! With the shoot over, Poppy and I were able to begin on the editing. I may have got distracted during a Skype meeting with Poppy...!

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