2. Piers Atkinson for Machine-A:
The Christmas Video
Ideas and Illustrations With a new 'Sexy Neon Space Boys' direction in mind - I jotted down lots of ideas in a hurried and vein attempt at producing a storboard for the shoot. It was confirmed that the Aaron Frew would be modelling for us in the video, but that he would only be available for just an hour and a half, and we would have to shoot the film in the basement of Machine-A itself. This limited us a bit, but it focused our ideas. The shoot needed meticulous planning. Retaining the triangle/Christmas tree/silhouette concept, Poppy and I set about realising our vision for the film. We would construct a triangular frame to play with. I was going for a Blade Runner meets Amsterdam's Red Light District meets John Foxx album cover circa 1980 vibe. The suggestion was made to utilise Pier's wonderful neon Mickey Mouse Ear headpiece from one of his earlier collections, 'The Mouse That Roared'. This headpiece fitted the bill, and would form the centre focus for the film.

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