1. Piers Atkinson for Machine-A:
The Christmas Video
The Brief I was approached by Machine-A's Stavros Karelis to create a Christmas themed fashion film in celebration of the milliner Piers Atkinson. Piers has made a range of headpieces exclusively for the Soho based boutique, and was also going to bring his distinctive style to the concept store's distinguished window installations. As per usual, the store was to host a launch party for the windows, the exclusive pieces and the video all at once. With two weeks to design, make and edit the film, time was tight. However, I was thrilled to be asked to do this for Piers; having worked with him over the summer on his Spring/Summer 2011 collection 'La Belle Au Bois', I felt very atuned to the ethos of the Piers Atkinson brand, and his quirky, sexy and [sometimes] mischevious aesthetic. I was convinced that I could do him justice. A headpiece designed by Piers for J Maskrey's SS11 fashion film which I helped make over the summer.
However, before work started, I turned to my photographer friend Miss Poppy French for all the help I would need with the project. I was told that the film needed to incorporate a Christmas tree and be linked somehow to the windows (described to me then as Blade Runner meets Dirty Soho brothel...) A sample from a storyboard of an early concept for the video. Initially, I toyed with the idea of using a red triangular BOX HEAD, which gave that Christmas tree silhouette I was after. This was deemed a bit too 'conceptual'! The headpiece would get ditched, but the triangle idea would remain...

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