'Aware Art Fashion Identity' at the Royal Academy of the Arts I went to this yesterday. After thinking about it, I've decided that this was a bad exhibition. It was superficial, poorly organised and covered such a broad range of ideas that it became flimsy. It should have been called something else; 'Art and Apparel' would have been a less misleading title. What I do appreciate is that it bought Mella Jaarsma to my attention. I don't know how this man slid under my radar. And the more I've found out about him, the more amazing I'm realising he is. I quite liked these wigs by Meschac Gaba - they were Box Headalicious. Ash thought an apple might make it all better. I'm inclined to agree.


Return to London I have moved back to London. It's been a long time coming. If you imagine London like a dart board, I'm living in the bullseye.


December 2010
- And bringing us slap bang up to date - Piers Atkinson for Machine-A: A fashion film by James Barnett and Poppy French
November 2010
Secret Cinema with Hannah: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
October 2010
Baby showers for another Barnett Baby... YELLOW: Halloween
September 2010
The skankiest flat in Shoreditch? Ash moves in. London Fashion Weeks - Pier's stand for Headonism:
August 2010
Assisting Piers Atkinson on his SS11 collection. Hannah and I ransack the studio at CSM one last time...Assisting Anna Trevelyan on a fashion film for Sorcha O'Raghallaigh: Hairy Hannah: A Church in Guildford Mushrooms Best picture ever of Hannah and I rehearsing for our Barbican performance: The Barbican Performance: Hannah and a big box: Poppy and I assisted on a 7th Man photoshoot in Putney: Poppy showcasing her roller action in the windows of Machine-A during the installation of Dominic Jones's window display The window display completed: Burning a lot of crap with my Dad. We didn't even open the cupboard - the cupboard just went straight on the fire. Instant gratification.
July 2010
Heavy Cross with William Potter - fun times in a field...LOVEBOX 2010! Performing on the Relentless Stage for ClubWISH at this years Lovebox weekended with a troupe of Box Heads. Good times! Box Head Production Line....Gay Pride:
Graduating from the Performance Design and Practise course at Central Saint Martins:


June 2010
Hannah and I gatecrash famous London landmarks as our Unit 14 collaboration comes to an end. On the road to Essex with fellow Toucharder Steph. The amazing [oh my lord how I miss it] view from Touchard's balcony [it was a balcony!] Steph comes home. Final Assessment. Our Unit 14 documentary: Documentary Still: Sewing Machine Woes - Bernina breaks down! Trying out my costume for size... Photoshoot on the top of a building on Oxford Street wearing my Design for Dance costume: A Tate Modern Takeover with Hannah: Degree Show finishing touches: Mother and Father at the degree show:
May 2010
Demonstration Demolition at the Cochrane Theatre: Hannah and I during 'Swan Song'. Showing off the work we had recorded so far to students at CSM: Our Pre-Lim assessment. A Birthday monster cake from Carmen. Ash.
April 2010
A Nightmare Box in the White Space at Back Hill, CSM. A Cochrane Nightmare Box. Hannah with Plunger. Hannah's [near fatal?] injuries - she got stuck in a box. This was hilarious and shocking in equal measure. Miriam is roped in - she becomes a chair. Body Painting: A Coleslaw collision in Touchard. The PDP Warehouse Rave - the final attempt at raising funds for the end of year degree show. Outside the party. Preparing for the rave: Invisible Light! Hosting our own workshop in Back Hill: