The Weekend
Rebecca Ferguson - a God[dess] amongst insects. She. Can. Do. No. Wrong. Aqua. The Other Tyra. Rene Gruau exhibition at Somerset House. Dior Illustrated? Doctor Who - 'The War Machines' (1966). Doctor Who companions get swinging 60s fit. Train Ride. The Giant Mirror Balls of Selfridges which go up and down = amazing. The Space Suited Santa Claus of Carnaby Street = amazing. Brunswick Bitch. The Apple Store. Ash checks MAKEMEAOFFER. DYNASTY was watched. The Joiners Arms in Hackney - I felt sick. Was it too crowded? Or did it just seem like it comprised of four enormous queues - one for the toilets, one for the bar, one for the cloakroom and one for the smoking area? We went round Josh's house for dinner and I got up close and personal with Terry Richardson and learnt an awful lot about his photography, whilst admiring his giant penis. And upon arrival in London, I joined Ash at the SO-M-I launch party at Arrogant Cat and saw Angelica Bell from Children's BBC. Nice.

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