Firstly, lets all bask in the beauty of one of Joachim Baldauf's beautiful muses. Nice. This picture is from his 'Forbidden Sex and Art' collection. Anyway. Faithful Reader! I have neglected thee. This post is going to also try and bring together a lot of random images I've been meaning to blog for a while. So ignore the totally sporadic and random nature of my thoughts. Just enjoy the aesthetic quality. Or something. So, the residential trip I went on last week (I cannot believe it is a week already - this time last Thursday I was screaming and dangling 10 metres in the air on a Zip Slide - terrifying) totally destroyed me, and I've had a rather knackering week at school since then what with GCSE Science exams today requiring scribes and readers meaning that my mouth has ran dry and left me feeling HOARSE. On Saturday, Miriam and I went to see Paranormal Activity 2. It was scary. There were 6 of us in the cinema. I screamed a lot. But I was mostly made more excited by the trailer for SCREAM 4. Yes. Cox and Campbell are rocking it out again. I love the poster for the original scream:
I came across this picture from mine and Hannah's performance at the Cochrane Theatre way back in May (May!! Where the hell is the time going?!) This was from our 'No Face' routine and is rather fabulous, no?!

Seeing Piers' hat on Rihanna the other weekend reminded me that I took this lovely picture on my bus journey to his house one day during the summer of BASIC LOOKS in Dalston, which I would pass on the bus every day. It was the brightest shop front on the rather dreary trek down Kingsland Road in East London. Lovely.

I can't get enough of this very short track from 'Lost in Translation' by Brian Reitzell and Roger J. Manning Junior called 'On The Subway'. I want it on loop running through my head all the time at the moment. Whilst living at home, I've got quite obsessed with Eastenders. I'm incensed with the behaviour towards Janine Butcher. I want her to squash loudmouth Kat. Grrr. The sooner she eats Stacey for murdering Archie, the better.

Day of the Daleks. In Japanese. A book cover I found online the other day. This is for all my Japanese readers of which there are 35. Hello.

And lastly, this is a crappy scribble of something I've been asked to do, and which will hopefully be happening at some point in the next few weeks which will be lovely and exciting and festive. Other than that, Secret Cinema is happening as I type, so I'll be able to blog a comprehensive post about that next week! Laaarvley!

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