2. Secret Cinema - Location The derelict and abandoned hospital found along Pangbourne Avenue, Ladbroke Grove, West London was to be our home for the next four days following the location recce on Monday. This was a strange way for one to be spending their half term holiday, however, it was all for a good cause. The hospital was perfect - it had a morgue, a rather scary chapel, winding stair ways, endless corridors and was perpetually soaking - literally, the walls were dripping with water all the times (there were many slippages - all dignity was left at the main gate). I have no idea about the history of the hospital at all, but it was more or less exactly how it had been left - it was full of hospital beds, medicine cupboards, wheel chairs...everything you would expect to find in a hospital. Our first task was to strip the Laundry room and turn it into an empty shell. We took up the carpet, emptied the furniture, pulled down the blinds, ripped away the bird poo encrusted chicken wire from the windows and swept down the floor and walls. Once it was empty, we could begin realising our idea. The Laundry room space was about 4.5metres square and about 5 metres high. It was this strange pinky/fleshy colour with green details, the most amazing hospital sink (with the most amazing pair of sink handles) and this incredible light fittinging. My favourite part of the room was the heavy wooden fire door with this strangely shaped window. With the room empty, we could begin.

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  1. hi James - the space looks amazing - how were you guys allowed to use the building for a public performance? Did you go via the council? We're a theatre company looking for spaces for projects - it would be really helpful to find out a bit more about using the hospital or other simular spaces.
    Jon - www.dirtymarket.co.uk