Snow Line Tonight, I will be sleeping with the school's emergency snow line under my pillow, praying that it will be cancelled so I can make wonderful things in the snow. Surrey is full of it, and it keeps on coming.


This December

It comes.

The Weekend
Rebecca Ferguson - a God[dess] amongst insects. She. Can. Do. No. Wrong. Aqua. The Other Tyra. Rene Gruau exhibition at Somerset House. Dior Illustrated? Doctor Who - 'The War Machines' (1966). Doctor Who companions get swinging 60s fit. Train Ride. The Giant Mirror Balls of Selfridges which go up and down = amazing. The Space Suited Santa Claus of Carnaby Street = amazing. Brunswick Bitch. The Apple Store. Ash checks MAKEMEAOFFER. DYNASTY was watched. The Joiners Arms in Hackney - I felt sick. Was it too crowded? Or did it just seem like it comprised of four enormous queues - one for the toilets, one for the bar, one for the cloakroom and one for the smoking area? We went round Josh's house for dinner and I got up close and personal with Terry Richardson and learnt an awful lot about his photography, whilst admiring his giant penis. And upon arrival in London, I joined Ash at the SO-M-I launch party at Arrogant Cat and saw Angelica Bell from Children's BBC. Nice.


5. Secret Cinema - 'Therapy' Installation by James Barnett and Hannah Jerrom The best picture ever, taken by Hannah Jerrom with her old SLR. Her website. *We decided to name our piece 'Therapy' in reference to the group therapy scenes which take place throughout the film.
4. Secret Cinema - The Event Now that the show is over, we can of course discuss the location and the choice of film freely. I was unable to make the show, but I've come across some pictures and some reports of the event online. One man set the scene perfectly, "As I write this, a bunch of hardy cinema goers are punding along the street dressed in dressing gowns, cluthing toothbrushes and first class stamps heading for the 'secret' location of the Secret Cinema..."These guys over at I Love Dust posted this, "We headed out to an unknown location yesterday hosted by the Secret Cinema. A screening of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest in a derelict hospital in West London was the venue. In a word, it was quality, it was an incredible experience. We can't recommend it enough."
3. Secret Cinema - The Making Of With the Laundry room empty, work could begin. We had come up with a concept which would explore the overwheening presence that Nurse Ratched had over her patients, and the foreboding mood she brought to the hospital. She represented a point of focus for the patients - an authority figure, vigilant, with an ice-cold stare. She was the worst sort of company. Her existence is felt throughout the film - we wanted to exploit the feeling that she is always there - a thorn in her patient's sides. We liked this idea of her jutting between between the hospital floors - almost as though the hospital was built around her. The tone of the film (and the ward) eminates from Ratched. Our Ratched would become this consuming presence - a monolith, huge, vast, over wheening, a splinter, a negative space, a void. And black - a black heart pumping in the centre of this space. The monolith evokes totemic, tribal images derived from the character of Chief Bromden. We wanted a white space - a gallery space, a clean room - to exist in complete contrast to the beigeness of the rest of the hospital. And the room was to be empty, apart from Her: Huge. Looming. Black. And Bleeding in the rest of the hospital. We referred to the composition of the group therapy scenes. To begin with, we painted the walls white. We painted the floor white. We painted the window frames white. We painted the radiators white. Then, we went to Westbourne Park and bought the wood we needed to make our monolith - we scrounged a lifte from a passing chippy who told us he'd just worked on the new Harry Potter - we told him what were doing, he seemed bemused but very happy to help - he had a big truck. We were very lucky. The idea of carrying this wood was going to make us cry. We cut out the wood. We assembled it. We moved it into the space. We painted it black. It was almost ready. We painted the floor and we left it to dry.
2. Secret Cinema - Location The derelict and abandoned hospital found along Pangbourne Avenue, Ladbroke Grove, West London was to be our home for the next four days following the location recce on Monday. This was a strange way for one to be spending their half term holiday, however, it was all for a good cause. The hospital was perfect - it had a morgue, a rather scary chapel, winding stair ways, endless corridors and was perpetually soaking - literally, the walls were dripping with water all the times (there were many slippages - all dignity was left at the main gate). I have no idea about the history of the hospital at all, but it was more or less exactly how it had been left - it was full of hospital beds, medicine cupboards, wheel chairs...everything you would expect to find in a hospital. Our first task was to strip the Laundry room and turn it into an empty shell. We took up the carpet, emptied the furniture, pulled down the blinds, ripped away the bird poo encrusted chicken wire from the windows and swept down the floor and walls. Once it was empty, we could begin realising our idea. The Laundry room space was about 4.5metres square and about 5 metres high. It was this strange pinky/fleshy colour with green details, the most amazing hospital sink (with the most amazing pair of sink handles) and this incredible light fittinging. My favourite part of the room was the heavy wooden fire door with this strangely shaped window. With the room empty, we could begin.