The Quiff Is Dead
I've known William Potter for a long time. We did A Level and GCSE Art together. Will used to be an ace at drawing and illustration, but it seems photography is more his thing right now. I've collaborated with Will on a few shoots since the summer. He seems to get it right every time. Will is a Japan nut, a proper geek and a born again cyclist. He used to go through various obsessions, including: Jurrasic Park, Star Wars and Morrisey. In April, Will is getting married. It will be the wedding of the century as far as I'm concerned. He and his fiance run their own Blog together, which you can view here. They like and design Kid Robot esque toys. Will also has his own Flickr account (where I found this awesome picture of an owl, I do love an owl), and his own Blog. Be sure to check them out.
Audacity of Huge Heavy Cross Satellite Dish

All pictures taken by William of Potter

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