MY JOHN SAVIDENT/FRED ELLIOT PHASE - 3 YEARS ON This time last year, I was starting my final year on the Performance: Design and Practise course at Central Saint Martins. I cannot really begin to understand where that year has gone (Am I dead? In a coma? Dreaming? etc.) but I'm rather sad (mortified) that I'm not going back to it now that I've graduated. When I began to lament all things CSM, I was even more confused that I started the course in 2007 - 2007! I mean, really, that seems like such a long time ago now. During my recent clearout, I rediscovered my reflective journal that I used during my first year - I was clearly still reeling after the recent death of Fred Elliot from Coronation Street (his name be praised). Quite what was going through my 2007 head when I decorated the front cover of the diary, well, I don't think I'll ever fully understand. Long Live CSM! Long Live PDP! And Long Live Fred Elliot!

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