Crept Upon The Waters Designed and Directed by Stephanie Johns
This Saturday and Sunday, I helped former Touchard resident and ex-Performance: Design and Practise student Stephanie Johns with her first solo performance since graduating in July. Steph has devised an immersive piece of theatre entitled 'Crept Upon The Waters'. One audience member at a time enters a specially constructed space and walks through a series of environments, experiencing different sounds, textures, temperatures and levels as they pass through the space. Each participant is blindfolded, and dons a pair of headphones to listen to excerpts from 'The Tempest'. Steph had originally devised this piece in conjunction with the RNIB for her final major project in her third year at CSM. She was approached by the Bloomsbury festival to transfer her original design to a disused shop space in Euston. After spending a week on building the piece, doors finally openened on Saturday morning. After a slow first hour, we were inundated with festival goers eager for a turn in Steph's sensory build. Whilst working the front of house, I became aware of the intimate, peculiar and, at times, apprehensive mood that audience members approached Steph's piece with. Once they had finished their turn, the overwhelming majority left absolutely buzzing with what they had just experienced. Good Times!
The exterior of the empty shop space Steph and her team transformed - an intriguing lure for passers by and festival goers?!
As they enter, they are confronted by a tiny, intimate waiting space.The obscuring goggles each participant must don before they enter the space.Different textured floors help to convey the sense that we were moving through different environments.A Southend Groyne adds to the coastal detail!Strobes, fans, speakers - the tools you need to create whole new worlds.The Forest: this section was well scary to be in, and was where we lost most of our audience members!The guiding string which audience members could use to help them navigate around the space.Steph's hi-tech control booth.Blurb.

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