Audacity of Huge: The Making Of

Faithful reader! I hope you've enjoyed my Yellow explosion. After a few delays caused by the rain, coupled with my total lack of time management during the week, it finally got done in the end! This Saturday, William Potter, Daniel Farr and I scouted around for suitable locations crammed into Will's little car - the back of Godalming Sainsbury's seemed like a safe bet but, alas, there was a lot of Asbestos which probably would have killed us. So, father Michael of Barnett had a brainwave: he suggested using the concrete making facility near Guildford which none of us even knew existed. When we rocked up, we saw how perfect it was, and the weather had turned to this lovely overcast colour one side whilst being bright and sunny the other - perfect for a bright yellow costume against a grey backdrop. I'd wanted to remake my 'Satellite Dish' costume for a while now. A few months ago, my old A-Level Art teacher gave me metres of this heavy duty yellow vinyl. I realised that this would be the perfect material to remake my costume in. Why yellow? I thought about JCBs, but my biggest inspiration came from the 'Power Loader' contraption which Ripley uses in James Cameron's 'Aliens' (1986) Brand Barnett also realised that the new look Daleks which featured in the last series of Doctor Who probably got stuck somewhere in his imagination. We got into the concrete facility fairly easily and shot the photos quickly, getting only a couple of bemused looks from passers by. I'm well pleased with the results.
The new look, chunky Daleks (yum) from the current series of Doctor Who. The Yellow Dalek was called the 'Eternal Dalek', stood here with Matt Smith (double yum):

The Power Loader from Aliens:


My costume rough (drawn in school notebook - I confused lots of the children):

Parts coming together:

Test Run on Photobooth to Will:

Breaking into the concrete facility:

Dan fixes me into the costume:

The amazing concrete making facility:

And the original costume, photographed by William Potter in May on a rooftop in Oxford Street:

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