So, at my graduation a lady came up to me as I sweated my way through the throngs to get my degree certificates. "I've just seen you walk on stage - have you ever modelled?" Scouted as I took my gradute walk across the stage at the Royal Festival Hall. Amazing. Anyway, that was nearly two months ago, and I'd forgotten about it until Friday last week when I receieved a text from the same lady asking me to go to Brick Lane for a casting session on Sunday. I arrived and plonked myself on the floor of the long furry corridor like all the other lanky/beautiful/bony/pronounced/trendy looking models layed there before me. I was clearly the only non-model there - everyone else had portfolios, and all I had was my rubbish beard and the worst hangover going on. I was called in, walked for them, and then left. I've yet to hear anything, but I'm not hopeful. Damn that hangover. And damn the goddam beard.

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