MAXIMISING THE AUDIENCE As I rifled this weekend, I discovered a body of work that I completed in my first year at Central Saint Martins, with fellow students Adithio Noviello and Yulia Naili. We were set a brief which revolved around the composer Wim Merten's piece entitled 'Maximising The Audience'. What we came up with baffled a lot of our peers (not to mention my sister Catherine and BF Toby, who I was living with at the time), but I think it was instrumental in my personal development as a designer/artist/whatever and in finding a methodology that I found comfortable working with. After rifling even further, I discovered that Mr Adithio Noviello had uploaded some of the video work we experimented with during this project onto Youtube - watch it here (its hilarious, and I shout loudly a lot, and watch out for my spindly leg action - its mental). When I reviewed this last night I couldn't believe how brave we were, how ridiculous we looked, and that we performed this on the street and then too a room full of potential students with their parents [at CSM for interviews - I wonder if we put them off?] It is also amazing that we get a round of applause at the end of it all. I bloody loved the first year! Check Adithio's website here. Sketches from notepads at the time:

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