THE MAKING OF SORCHA O'RAGHALLAIGH'S FASHION FILM Hannah and I scavenged like you've never seen before. We had a rough idea of what was wanted, but we more or less grabbed anything we could find and hoped that we would be able to experiment during the shoot. I bought 20 metres of netting with me which I've had laying around since about January - it never got used, but I'm thinking: Halloween....(people want veils, etc.) This is Hannah modelling all 20 metres worth of netting: I like netting. Mmm. More netting please. Anyway, Anna, the director, wanted us to construct some sort of container which the model could be contained within and later break out of. She also wanted it to be semi-transparent. Hannah and I constructed this: I like an ominous looking box. This was simply a wooden frame with a light plastic wrapped around it. It worked a treat - transparent(ish), easy to light, very effective to burst through and (most importantly) easy to transport! We bought along a few other props (I love this photo): And Hannah got acquainted with Charlie Le Mindu's Machine-A curtains: The shoot took place in the basement of Machine-A, which had to fit about 8 assistants (hair/make-up/stylists) loads of props, the model and Sorcha's enormous collection - literally, these clothes are HUGE! We only had about 4 hours to shoot the whole thing, but we got there in the end!

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