This show was a big deal and a lot of people were very excited about it - the queue to get inside was literally around the block, and the 'On/Off' venue was packed once everyone had been let in. I was very lucky to have got a seat. The show started with a single model slowly prowling down the catwalk holding two lamps in front of each boob, with a third resting on her head. From then on, it was nudes, hats, wigs, leopard prints, handbags and barnets which resembled a collision between Cher and the Golden Fleece. It was the most exciting thing I saw over the two days I was at Fashion Week, and brought some much needed theatre to the whole occasion! I made a right tit of myself by being interview for Fashion TV just before the show started ("Oh, Charlie's amazing, it will be amazing!") When the naked models appeared, people were out of their seats and snapping away like mad.The show has got some awesome coverage in todays national press here and here. Charlie's website / Headpieces made by Alun Davies

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