BOX HEADS AT CLUB WISH Saturday saw yet another performance from Hannah Jerrom, myself and Miss Stephanie Johns - this time at CLUB WISH, a night held at Gramaphone in East London. Faithful readers may remember that we performed for CLUB WISH at this years LOVEBOX Weekender 2010 on the Relentless Stage. We were asked by Club Wish organisers to come down to Gramaphone and perform a scaled down version of what we'd done previously, so on Saturday night, we grooved, jigged, swayed, bobbed and made strage shapes in the basement dance floor of Gramaphone, getting very hot in the process. It was nice that a lot of the crowd knew who we were already and lots of people wanted in on the BOX HEAD action grabbing us for photos and generally groping our bums. We were even credited on the flyers! Good Times! *We'll get some pics from the night eventually to show!

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