WITTERING A lovely weekend has been had. Summer is over for me as I start back at the school again tomorrow a means to earn some DOLLAR in time for THE RETURN... Anyway, this weekend was all about Eating, Sleeping, TV, Pastoralness, Greenery, Cows, Ashley and Trees (Fact Fans: According to Ash, Surrey has more trees than any other county in England...) Country lanes and GIANT views: Penny Farthings: On Saturday, Miriam, Ashley and I ventured to West Wittering for a jolly. I like to go to the beach at least once during the summer holidays, so Miriam was forced to be chauffeur for the day and taxied us down to the south coast. It was bloody freezing. I did however, enjoy myself with Miriam's pashmina: It also doubled up as the perfect defence from all the sand being blown around: We had no shame at this beach, it would seem. Some intellectual stimulation: Booties: Some things that I found on the beach: I've decided that during the autumn months, it would be a good thing to go to some more beaches - I quite liked the cold/grey/desolateness of it. I'm thinking Brighton and Dungeness next. Good times.

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  1. Angela goes to Dungeness in the Campa you should talk.