A little report from the evening:

Hannah and I arrived at the Barbican at about 5ish, a little unsure about what it was we were about to do and very nervous! After a brief consulation with Lara and Johnny BlueEyes, we'd somehow managed to wrangle it so that we would perform at 4 different moments during the course of the evening on the main stage in the Garden Room. The Main Stage. In front of everyone. This was not the Cochrane Theatre, we realised. This was real. Good Lord: Anyway, we psyched ourselves into a frenzy (prancing around in our leotards helped) and just did the best we could. We started by simply moseying around the audience, dressed more or less identically. We then performed a routine with two chairs amongst the audience. After downing some stolen vodka, we then performed a synchronised strip into our black leotards and did PSYCHO. Finally, we performed Swan Song, our intimate plunger face double act. The event sold out and was packed. It was strange to perform to people who were unversed in our style of performance, but I think that we helped break up some of the monotony of the other performances on show. Being allowed three centre stage moments gave us an opportunity to build a rapport with the audience - by the end of the evening, they knew to expect an unexpected performance from us.

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