DOMINIC JONES FOR MACHINE - A For the last two and a half weeks, I've been assisting on the latest window installation for Machine - A, a high end fashion boutique based in Soho, shopped in by stylists and fashionistas. Dominic Jones is an internationally acclaimed jeweller, crafting pieces for the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna. Dominic has designed a range of t-shirts inspired by the World Land Trust, a charity which aims to protect and preserve the worlds rainforests. Here is said t-shirt, modelled by Machine - A's Anna Trevelyan. Lovely!His design for the window installation was very ambitious, and nothing like it has been attempted in Machine - A before. Alongside Miss Poppy French and Mr Luke Abby, we set about realising Dominic's idea in time for the launch party on Wednesday 4th August. We turned the basement area of the store into a makeshift workshop cum studio:General Stress: The project was a steep learning curve - the window space is very small, and so putting the installation together was a logistical nightmare. Thankfully, we finished just in the nick of time.Press Release for the launch party event:

Machine-A is proud to present Dominic Jones as our latest high-profilecollaborator, creating an innovative and visually stimulating window display forthe store inspired by the work of the World Land Trust to protect and preservesome of the most beautiful and endangered environments on our planet.Three times British Fashion Council NewGen winner Dominic Jones...graduated from the Sir John Cass School of Art and Design before teamingup with friend turned business partner Alice Dellal to launch Dominic JonesJewellery. Commended by Anna Wintour for his nature inspired designs andwith celebrity fans including Beyonce, Vivienne Westwood, Lou Dillon andRihanna, Dominic Jones Jewellery has become the cult accessory of choiceamongst fashion insiders. Dominic Jones has been inspired by the work of the World Land Trust’sAtlantic Rainforest project in the design for this, his first window installation atMachine-A. The World Land Trust is an international conservation charityraising funds for the purchase and protection of critically endangered habitatsaround the world. Now celebrating their 21st year they are devoted to raisingpublic awareness of the endangered Atlantic Rainforests of NorthernArgentina.Machine-A would like to give special thanks to Luke Abby, James Barnett, Poppy French, and Tonea Charley for their assistance with set design on this project.


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