BARBICAN... 'THE SURREAL HOUSE' Faithful reader - Hannah Jerrom and I are reunited! After a stint in Edinburgh, Ms Jerrom has returned and we are already working together again - this time for the Barbican! Get us! Hannah and I will be designing/devising/performing a series of moments to guests at a party in celebration of the Barbican's latest exhibition - 'The Surreal House'. The party is being hosted by Mr Johnny Blue Eyes and will feature a multitude of surreal performance and strange happenings from the likes of Ryan Styles, La John Joseph and even several fellow students from the Performance: Design and Practise course at CSM. This might probably be the most high brow event/audience we will ever perform too, but Hannah and I will not shirk from bringing our own brand of performance to the evening festivities...We have less than a week to get this ready - so stay tuned for big updates to come!

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