A picture finally surfaces!
Become a disciple.*Found this place the other day and snapped it. Think it's my new favourite photograph.

A little report from the evening:

Hannah and I arrived at the Barbican at about 5ish, a little unsure about what it was we were about to do and very nervous! After a brief consulation with Lara and Johnny BlueEyes, we'd somehow managed to wrangle it so that we would perform at 4 different moments during the course of the evening on the main stage in the Garden Room. The Main Stage. In front of everyone. This was not the Cochrane Theatre, we realised. This was real. Good Lord: Anyway, we psyched ourselves into a frenzy (prancing around in our leotards helped) and just did the best we could. We started by simply moseying around the audience, dressed more or less identically. We then performed a routine with two chairs amongst the audience. After downing some stolen vodka, we then performed a synchronised strip into our black leotards and did PSYCHO. Finally, we performed Swan Song, our intimate plunger face double act. The event sold out and was packed. It was strange to perform to people who were unversed in our style of performance, but I think that we helped break up some of the monotony of the other performances on show. Being allowed three centre stage moments gave us an opportunity to build a rapport with the audience - by the end of the evening, they knew to expect an unexpected performance from us.

GUILDFORD Guildford is a lovely place, but it would appear me and Ash stuck out like a couple of sore thumbs, resulting in much wide eyed amazement as we moseyed past people. Lovely. This picture is of my mother, father, twin and Ashley - its bizarre but amazing; my mother's pink jacket and tacked up jeans are rather fetching: Dinner:
PASTORAL Ash and I did lots of walking this weekend and met lots of cows. For the first time ever, we fed a cow. It was horrible. I never realised that a cows tongue was like a giraffes. It was a bit like a slug. Gross. Ash tried to bait the herd with a horticultural arrangement of his design. Mmmm. Nomnomnom.Hiking attire for the rest of the weekend:
FANNY AND JESSY This design duo were new to me, but I swotted up aftering having to help them out on the tiniest of details for a party they hosted at Machine-A in Berwick Street, Soho. They decked out the shop floor with their (very unsettling) faces. Nice. Check 'em out here and here.
WITTERING A lovely weekend has been had. Summer is over for me as I start back at the school again tomorrow a means to earn some DOLLAR in time for THE RETURN... Anyway, this weekend was all about Eating, Sleeping, TV, Pastoralness, Greenery, Cows, Ashley and Trees (Fact Fans: According to Ash, Surrey has more trees than any other county in England...) Country lanes and GIANT views: Penny Farthings: On Saturday, Miriam, Ashley and I ventured to West Wittering for a jolly. I like to go to the beach at least once during the summer holidays, so Miriam was forced to be chauffeur for the day and taxied us down to the south coast. It was bloody freezing. I did however, enjoy myself with Miriam's pashmina: It also doubled up as the perfect defence from all the sand being blown around: We had no shame at this beach, it would seem. Some intellectual stimulation: Booties: Some things that I found on the beach: I've decided that during the autumn months, it would be a good thing to go to some more beaches - I quite liked the cold/grey/desolateness of it. I'm thinking Brighton and Dungeness next. Good times.
Today, I will blog. MAKEMEAOFFER will be updated.


Erotic - The Barbican
Last night, Hannah and I performed at the Erotic event held in celebration of the Barbican's Surreal House Exhibition and hosted by Johnny Blue Eyes and Lara Cliffton. We can't quite believe this, but we never got any pictures of us performing, which is a bit of a nightmare. I'll blog a more comprehensive post about the event later on. Meanwhile, this picture pretty well sums up our involvement in the evenings festivities...


Rehearsals for the Surreal House Hannah and James's takeover continues: come Thursday evening, the Barbican will be under our control. It felt strange to don the white leotards and plungers again. We're not even doing this stuff for university any more, but for the real world of art, schmoozing and canapes.We've looked at transformation, metamorphosis, physicality, breed and order. We'll be doing things familiar to our faithful readers, but with some added surprises. It could all go pear shaped. Here is my worried face:

**I would just like to add that the picture at the top of this post of me and Hannah is probably one of my favourite snaps EVER.

LAST MINUTE JOBS ARE THE BEST After receiving an 11pm text wanting help on something happening the next day, we cobbled together something quite spectacular for a video shoot which goes on display next week. More details then. Here are some (not too revealing) snaps from the shoot.


WIG - OUT Hannah Jerrom and I restarted our collaborative process yesterday for this weeks performance event at the Barbican Centre. I arrived at Waterloo and within minutes, we were AERIALing at each other from either side of the station, much to everyone elses bemusement. Anyway, we returned to our magpie habbits almost immediately, discovering some rather wonderful props, accessories and other nuggets we're going to end up using along our creative ways, including this fabulous wig. Here we both are striking a pose with the hairy beastie:
James & Wig Hannah & Wig