It's early Summer! Surrey looks Sexy! And I'm still doing stuff at a school for another week! The lunch time 'Craft Club' has made some top notch bracelets which combine shells, beading and ribbon for the School's annual Summer Fete this Saturday. Very nice. The teachers are faffing over who gets fist choice. They were supposed to have made keyrings too, but got a bit behind. So I decided to lend my support, being the First Class CSM graduate that I am. I wont tell a lie; My bumble bee was better than my ladybug. They also asked me to make a sample for their 'Making Stall', where budding designers can come a long and design their own mask and scratch off the wax to reveal the gaytastic colouring underneath. Here was what I produced for them. I actually rather enjoyed this. Markmaking mayhem.

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