So then, faithful reader. As teased a couple of weeks back, here is the goss on all things BOX HEADS. Hannah, Ria and I were approached after the Performance: Design and Practise Degree show by a lady from a certain department store that we did some special things for last year for their 100th Birthday. Anyway, she wanted us, and the BOX HEADS, to help out with a performance at this years LOVEBOX weekender in Victoria Park. This is quite a big deal. It's for a headline dance act on the Sunday night. Its going to be to an audience of around 3500 people. 'Bricking it' would be putting it lightly. I don't really want to give too much away with what we've got planned for the performance in question, however I can tell you that involves 14 of us, and we will probably be very hot, sweaty and delirious by the end of it. We've begun adding to our army - This is Hannahs: And this is Ria's: And this is mine: We will keep you updated on this, but should you be in London on 18th July 2010 (day before our graduation - thats going to be fun...) then why not pop along to Lovebox and support the BOX HEAD takeover!

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