SHELF OR PLINTH?Empty, isn't it?
So. Unit 14 is done. Completed. Finito. We were assessed by external examiners (although no one really knows what tha means) and yesterday, we were finally allowed to take our work down and start thinking about what we want to put up for the DEGREE SHOW! Hurrah! Hannah and I modelled matching hats and beards made from the miles of masking tape we had used to stick our work up. NICE.Above: A graduating Set Designer's highly detailed drawing of what he envisages his degree show to look like. With the Satellite Dish costume coming on nicely (Oh yes! Saturday: HE WILL RISE!) a mannequin sorted to display him on and various issues with shelves or plinths dealt with, we start to hang our work tomorrow. That will be after another copious amount of white emulsion has been painted over our boards, gum tape covered and holes polyfillered! We've spent an extortionate amount of cash on photos (I say extortionate, I think we are just uber cheap normally) and are almost done with mounting them onto various pieces of mountboard and things. Tickets are sorted too. My mother and father and sister are coming on FAMILY DAY. Private View is 16th. We are very excited. The next few days will be horrible though. There is a lot to do. And I need to stop writing and get stitching!

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