Today was stressful. 8: 45am - 7:30pm First off. Me and Jenny (CSM wardrobe assistant) tackled the MIGHT of the SATELLITE DISH OUTFIT. I don't really want to spoil the surprise of it, so I'm going to hold back pics of it until duing the degree show - but, anyway, come rain or shine or any other bloody obstacle tomorrow, MR WILLIAM POTTER of http://thequiffisdead.blogspot.com/ fame is coming to help me out by snapping me in the costume. We have a location. We have a timeframe. We have the outfit. What we don't have is a descent model. And so I will have to make do with my skinny self. Oh well. But it does look good. I'm very pleased with the HUGENESS of it. Wearing it today, all pinned in, I felt totally CONSUMED. Nice.
Anyway, Hannah and I continued to paint our boards (the gum tape looked awful, we painted it more, it peeled off, I cried inside a bit whilst I had a nervous breakdown, and then we stuck it back down with more paint - PROS!). We then mounted. It looked good. It took us a long time. We were introduced to the wonders of a spirit level. And then we had to cover everything up to protect it from the evening paint job on the exhibition floor, which Hannah and I were roped into doing, destroying a vest, two pairs of shoes and two pairs of jeans in the process. Joy. Lesson learnt today? Degree shows (and exhibitions in general) are bloody expensive and hard work to put together and if you're not careful, you may sell your soul without realising it. We both ate chips and battered sausage for lunch. It wasn't great, I wont tell a lie.

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