Faithful reader! What a journey! We have made it together. My time at Central Saint Martins is (almost) over. The Private View was on Wednesday this week. I got shamefully drunk and behaved monstrously and am eternally sorry. Anyway. The rest of the evening was lovely. It started with us all getting glammed up in the girls loos in the Foundation block of Back Hill. There was a lot of hair spray Eg: Carmen. We all posed for customary shots in front of our work (this happens a lot). And then the night begun proper. The Cinema screen was up and running (Michael and Teresa on the big screen) and the showreel also played at the bar: Carmen opted for an outfit not unlike the wonderful costume made by Kesha Krutskikh http://www.keshakot.com/ and the drinking and smooching began. Hannah and I posed in front of our work: The uni paid for this giant enlargement of one of our Box Head pictures from our Selfridges invasion last year:

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