Well. What a week. And what a contrast with right now. Monday to Friday was choc a block with work in the Cochrane Theatre. Much shouting, sellotaping, and blacking out ensued. Running orders were written, posters were made, leaflets were flyered, and by Thursday afternoon, after much swearing, sweating and stress (and that was just over the f*cking speakers -cheers Maplin, for NOTHING!) the show began! Below, Hannah and I in the auditorium during a production meeting, listening attentively. Possibly. Stress levels not showing clearly.
It's a strange thing, doing a piece of promenade theatre, particularly if you are performing in it (and Hannah and I performed in nearly every scene). You get no sense of how it works all together. I really thought it was probably going to end up being a bit shite, which would have been bitterly disappointing - one of my main worries was that it was going to be as boring and pretentious as last years efforts. However, it was very encouraging to be told how good it was at the end of each show. Nice work.
Someone should probably have filmed Hannah and I darting from each set up to the next, with ridiculously fast costume changes - I laughed a lot. Getting Hannah into the Crash Test dummy outift was a particular adrenaline hike. And I never want to have to sellotape a sink plunger to my face again. That sentence is ridiculous, but somehow very important. Out of our efforts, the Psycho dance routine on the gantry in the workshop went down best - it was the perfect timing and absolute conviction in which we performed it which made it work so beautfully, apparently. Have a costume rough of said moment:
For the Thursday performance, my twin sister Miriam came and performed as part of one of our installations. She re-enacted the AERIAL, BEETLE, CROSS commands - echoing the movements from a laptop located in the foyer of the Cochrane Theatre. She performed this routine on a loop for an hour and half, in her own little world and ignoring the audience, who just watched and walked on by unsure as to whether she was a performance in her own right, or an absolute weirdo! Miriam, our test subject from the LEARNING TO MOVE documentary (coming soon, faithful reader), then gave us some feedback about what it was like to have been turned into a performance artist for the evening and how she felt about the overal experience. Good times. On Friday of this week, Hannah and I have a preliminary assessment. I should be costume rough drawing and Storyboarding right now, so I better get back on it. Its going to be a difficult task to try and present what we have done so far, and make it in any way coherent. Wish us luck!

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