No Soul For Sale
Ash and I went to Tate Modern's tenth anniversary celebrations at the weekend. It was really lovely, except when my phone was stolen. Damn that person. Anyway. The Turbine Hall was divided into sections, like a grid. Each grid housed an artist, an art movement, a collective, whatever. They were allowed to do whatever they liked inside their own space. The atmosphere was bustling and friendly. Very nice. The video below is of Ashley taking part in a piece of organic sculpture, wherein the viewer is asked to fondle a plant which has been wired up to some speakers, generating lots of strange, burbling sounds.

The second video is of a performance artist with an overdeveloped heel, attempting to traverse the crowds and cross the length of the Turbine Hall from one end to another. This whole event was fairly inspiring and is exactly the way forward for Hannah and I with our projects and working methods. I wish we could have been involved in this event somehow, so our next move is getting in with LIFT, another theatre/performance festival over the summer. Participation/workshops/public spaces. Key words in our work.

On Monday morning, we made a brief visit to St. Lukes community hall on Old Street. We're hoping to get in with the local over 55s luncheon group and do some performance skills workshops with them during their afternoon entertaining sessions. If this goes to plan this would be a fantastic opportunity for us to do some workshops with the public and seeing if our manifesto has any integrity at all!

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