Life post university - it is coming.
So, rather than sinking into a deep unemployable depression, the best thing to do it would seem is to keep busy, earn anything, have fun, meet lots of people and do some work experience. The Barbican is hosting a theatrical party in celebration of their Surrealism period over the summer, and Hannah and I are going to collaborate on a performance/costume based event to happen at the party. Johnny Blue Eyes, he of a certain naked bottom I've photographed numerous times and Daniel Lismore, the giant tranny sensation are involved and it promises to be a very exciting/fun/fruitful venture. So, hopefully, this will all work out for the best. Good times. Today, we had a look around the spaces which are available for us to design for and had a tour of the conservatory and got a free drink of orange juice - nice. The conervatory is quite an amazing structure: A wedding arch? Lots of plants:

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