Today was knackering. Absolutely knackering. Production meeting in the morning, which I ended up shouting through, and then from 2pm-4pm, more shouting as Hannah and I hosted a Workshop to first, second and third year PDP students, inflicting unto them various techniques/methodologies/imagery and choreography which Hannah and I have honed, throughout the project. And it went very well indeed. I was slightly worried no one would turn up - but they did after much shouting. And we had some lovely feedback at the end - it helped that it was quite fun and fast paced and light hearted. We are dealing with serious body confidence issues, but it was great when someone said that at the end they felt they'd lost all inhibitions. And we made sooooo much noise, it was unreal. And I was sweating like you wouldn't believe - I really thought I was going to pass out (will have towel next time). So, we started off with everyone drawing one another: Then we got them to re-enact Beyonce's Single Ladies/MJ'S Thriller. This was followed by a routine involving each student becoming Human Furniture: Then we got them to physicalise components of music, so we again got them to devise a routine IN UNISON to the Psycho theme tune.

Afterwards, we asked them to create their own improvised routines using found objects (which included 3 toilet roll dispensers I had knicked from the bogs and 10 metal waste paper bins found in the corridor.)

This was brilliant actually, and was the most original and thought provoking part of the workshop and we should probably have spent more time analysing this. Finally, how could we not get them to do the AERIAL/BEETLE/CROSS routine. This was basically a sober and better choreographed version of the one we did on Friday at the PDP club night. This went down bloody well - 14 BEETLES stamping their feet in unison as they turned 360 degrees to Scissor Sisters - I was TERRIFIED. It was such a powerful feeling - we felt like a mighty army - the BEETLES could conquer anything. Absolutely amazing work today, so thanks to everyone who came.

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