THE PDP PERFORMANCE As promised, here are some lovely pictures showing the complete JOY/MESSINESS of the small movement workshop we held at the PDP degree show fundraiser on Friday last week - Hannah and I were very drunk as we led the assembled crowd in our three-part choreographed routine [Aerial, Beetle, Cross] to the Scissor Sisters new song 'Invisible Light'. This is me introducing mylovely co worker: What I love about these images is the complete happiness on everyones faces - we are all embracing ridiculousness of the moment. However, when we all turn 360 degrees doing the BEETLE to the final MIGHTY chorus of 'Invisible Light', its like the most EUPHORIC feeling. People moving in harmony with one another. All trying to do the same thing. All succeeding at what they are being asked to do!

AERIAL: BEETLE: CROSS: Magnificent times.

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