So, with the venue set up, Hannah and I realised that we simply had to do something at this event - it would be vital to gauge some responses to our work, our methodology and see if there was anything actually good about what we were trying to do. So, everyone on the course flyered like mad around East London in the hope we could get a good crowd for the night:Hannah and I devised a routine which would be performed on the dance floor - which we were to host, like fitness instructors (think Davina). To prepare people for what we were asking them to do, we decided to try and subconsciously indoctrinate them into our way of working by plastering the [iconic] images of our 'dance' moves around the walls, cupboards and ceilings. In effect, we are sort of creating our own iconography. People on the course know now what we mean when we shout BEETLE to them.... So, with the crowds arriving, and me getting steadily drunker, we faced our crowd. I managed to fall off the stage a good four times. We were the first act of the night to perform and it ended up being a great way to warm up the party - I basically stood at the front of the crowd on the stage, with Hannah at my side as assistant, turned the volume up and began - choice of music to dance to [what else] other than THE SCISSOR SISTERS NEW SONG 'INVISIBLE LIGHT'. Yes, it was amazing. We all transmitted to one another in the AERIAL position as Ian Mackellan speaks his dreamy musings, and we all became BEETLEs during the euphoric chorus. 100 revellers, all ages, all abilities, different backgrounds together - all dancing the same moves in unision to a wonderful song - JOYOUS. It was like art in motion. We've got videos and better pictures of this to come, but have a gander at these first! This is everyone Beetling:
And so the night continued. The nicest thing about the whole experience of hosting an event like this was that it bought our course even closer together and we all realised that we could have a good time with one another - and thats the sad irony - we've only just realised this as we are coming to the end of our time together. It dawned on me the other day that its going to be so sad not coming into the studio and seeing all the familiar faces. If anything, Friday will be remembered for being a great party as well as a successful fundraiser. We did a cake sale again, but by the end of the night, not many people were keen on cream cakes - and the people serving at the stall (ahem) weren't in a particularly fit state to be serving anything....In the end we raised nearly £3500 for our degree show, which is bloody good in my books. Good times were had, and lots of us got some great material from the night for use in our Unit 14 projects.

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