PDP - BEFORE THE PARTYOur degree show needs money. So, faithful readers will know, we've been raising cash through various means including cakes sales and the like. But what we needed was one massive event to raise loads of cash - and so we organised PDP, a performance party and rave in the heart of Shoreditch. We were allowed to effectively invade and take over an office space near Curtain Road. This was the main room, to become the performance space and dance floor for the rave: To say the place was grimey is a bit of an understatement - this place looked as though it had been an stuck in a bubble for about 15 years - untouched, filing cabinets everywhere, phones, pictures, files - pretty amazing. And an amazing space for a party/performance night. So, on Thursday, the clear up began - literally, some people were shovelling shit from toilets which hadn't seen some bleach for a *very* long time. On Friday, we were allowed to transform the space. Here are some examples: Gemma Fox's puppet work: Aurelien Farjon's wire sculpture: Libby Todd's string sculpture:Jess and Rachel's office installation - which took place during the rave, literally a working office just off of the dance floor whilst people got messy: Confusing, but very cool. Hannah and I did some drawing too: Oh yeah, and Gordon Brown put in an appearance courtesy of Anne who found this giant poster being ripped down by youths on the side of the road before promptly stealing it from them - it was an opportunity for GIRTH (WE LOVE A BIT OF)

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