The Journey
So it was suggested that Hannah and I inflict our methodology unto an unsuspecting member of the real world, and who better to chose then my twin sister Miriam. Miriam's life is very different to mine. She has a real job with a real car and actually earns real money. I'm a fucking waster in comparison. Anyway. Miriam stayed a few days this week, and so Hannah and I took the opportunity to inflict our methods. She came and had a look around our studio at Back Hill, Farringdon. She thought CSM would be a bit cleaner then it was. We got her to undertake various exercises, including becoming a piece of human furniture, like a certain Allen Jones sculpture. We got her to do the white plinth body extensions, we shouted commands at her, and we also stuck a plunger to her head (she wasn't having it anywhere near her face - it was clean I cooed! She didn't care...)

And then off we went with her to the Cochrane, for we have it in our heads that we are going to use Miriam's journey as part of our research - to find out if mine and Hannah's approach to making performance have any merit? And do people, normal everyday non art school people, understand what it is we are tring to do and share our vision? So, she had a slight exploration of the Cochrane, where she will probably end up performing. Here she is transmitting, like an aerial (probably a message along the lines of "GET ME OUT OF HERE". Other than that, Hannah and I spent the rest of the week forumlating the plan, doing a bit of text analysis, and working out what on Earth we are going to do for a workshop exercise with members of the public and the first years. Oh and faithful reader, you might like to hear that Hannah is recovered after our accident in the White Plinth the other day - she had to go to hospital mind because they thought her jaw may have been broken! Here is how the bruise is developing on her arm - she thinks it looks like the British Islesl, I tell her she is imagining it!

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