Work at the Cochrane Theatre continues. Over the last couple of days I've got my foghorn on and sorted out the running order, the poster and the promotion, which involved me, Hannah and others stuffing 300 invitations into envelopes in 1 hour. Think Challene Anneke, only less glamour: In the mean time, Hannah and I are still working away at THE DOCUMENTARY [Learning To Move] whilst sorting out the various moments we've devised for the Cochrane.
The Legend of the Nightmare Box
Audience, beware! The Cochrane has been infested by an old and deadly phenomenon known only as The Nightmare Box. Keep your wits about you - these grotesque parodies of the human form will bring nothing but tragedy to those that come into contact with them.
Back to Bl - PINK ?
Unbelievably, we're repainting the mannequin costume we made all those weeks ago (where, faithful reader, have they gone?) for the Crash Test routine, which we've decided to entitle 'Cassandra'. Our paper mache efforts have stood up remarkebly well. I hope this works out for the best. This is either going to be hilarious or go down like a lead balloon. FOOT WORK
We now have a location for our Psycho routine - the gantry in the workshop. Hannah and I have been blacking out the windows today with - wait for it - bin liners. Talk about recessionary times. This is theatre on a budget. The idea is that the backdrop to the routine is blackness, but the bin liners are sort of transparent, creating this barcode effect. It'll do mind, seeing as we found most of the bin liners in the Cochrane anyway (don't tell the technicians).POSTER PROWESS
I made the poster for the event. It incorporates the same font we are using in the documentary. I tried to style it on a 50s B-Movie poster. I quite like the surrealist poster quality to it aswell. The image is taken from one of the photo sessions we held in the white space a while ago. I felt very happy seeing it around the Cochrane and the Saint Martins Campus, so I got Hannah to stand in front of it to illustrate this point!

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