Finally, we've got into the Cochrane Theatre space readying ourselves for the performance which is [wait for it] NEXT WEEK. Yes faithful reader, next week. May 6th/7th. Election day! Day after election (where we maybe under a Conservative government - lordy...) Anyway, Hannah and I will entertain you through that dark first day of governmental shift with some recessionary inspired performance art. Today we had another recee of the space, locating where various things would happen and take place.

We got in the Innovation Centre and had a think - its an amazing space. What we've got planned in here is a bit of a suprise, but I can tell you that its called 'Swan Song'!

We then had a butchers in the rest of the theatre, testing out various things. What we've planned is basically going to be quite hit and miss, and we wont really know when and where and how things are looking until the actually performance. Here we are in the workshop:

And in the Car Park (think Crash Test, but on BIG scale...)

We've also decided to steal the Conservative Party's slogan - we felt it was more in keeping with our project then Mr Cameron's:

Other than that, we tried to devise a plan and a map of the space and where else we want to be. Its a bit rough, but it'll do. We've got so much work to do, its quite unreal.

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