B O D Y - P A I N T
Painted Beauties
We'd decided early on in the exploratory process that we wanted to do some body painting. One of the images we were most inspired by was the infamous moment in James Bond's 'Goldfinger' when Shirley Eaton's character was killed after being smothered in gold paint. The same scene was created in homage in Daniel Craig's recent 'Quantum of Solace' with Gemma Arterton meeting a similar fate only this time after being doused in oil. Hannah smothered me in black face paint, covering the whole of my torso, arms, head and neck. We were struck at how it looked like I was wearing one of the black lycra unitards that we'd been experimenting in. It was a strange feeling sporting this new colour - my skin took on a synthetic quality, and seemed to crack and peel like the skin of a custard. In these two photos you can see the similarities between the paper mached torso Hannah and I made when we cast the mannequin way back in week 2, compared with my body painted torso (where I'm desperately trying to convince people I've got a six pack) We'd been advised by a tutor to "Become mannequins," and one such way to do with was to alter our skin, to make it more plasticy. The black paint looked blue in certain lights - which made me reminiscent of the character of Mystique from the X Men films. We tried photographing my body in a variety of mannequinish poses. I suppose its quite controversial for a white person to 'black up' like this, but it never even crossed our minds until we posted some of the images on facebook. If anything I looked totally unnatural, which was the effect we were going for, and so a quick blast on Chatroulette to freak out the neighbours was called for. Good times.


  1. your literally the scariest thing I have ever seen.

  2. You're a handsome young man in either black or white, and we're glad you're reading Queer New York. Visit us soon!
    Father Tony

  3. It is interesting how when you blacked up you looked like Mistique, when I blued up I looked like the Beast.