Extreme blog update 1
T H I N K P I N K :
We decided we needed to experiment with the colour of the mannequin outfits, so we painted them pink. The colour wasn't exactly what we envisaged, but it works, sort of. We wanted something fleshy, almost doll like. We did quite a bit of slow movement work so we could learn to really inhabit the costuming.
 C R A S H : 
We also reenacted a car crash demonstration, Hannah Jerrom/James Barnett stylee, with wheely chair (car) a wall (impact) and a bin bag (air bag). The results were startling like an actual crash test video.
R E S T R A I N T :
After a bried tutorial with our tutor, he advised us to 'Not act like mannequins, but to become mannequins'. He meant that we needed not just move like them, but be restrained in such a way that we cannot move any other way then like a mannequin. To do this, Hannah and I looked to the Bauhaus 'Slat Dance' routine:
 The photographs from this small experiment were incredibly striking. The particular shapes Hannah was able to make whilst contorting her body has informed the choreographed routine we came up with later...
We used masking tape and pieces of wood we found in our studio to restrain Hannah in this way.
R O U T I N E :
The tutorial also suggested we practise with choreography - so Hannah and I recorded a list of commands which we had to react/follow. These included making an ARIAL shape, a BEETLE shape and a CROSS shape with our bodies. We overlayed this routine on top of music we had already experimented with, which included Bartok's 'Music for Strings' composition.
 I M I T A T I O N :
 Hannah reenacts two important moments from 1960s Popular Culture.
1. Jaqueline Hill meets a Dalek for the first time in 'Doctor Who' (1963)
2. Vivienne Leigh and the shower scene from 'Psycho' (1960)

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