S N A P - P A I N - D E A T H - R E L I E F
Risk assessment is life.
Faithful reader. Hannah I have had a week apart - she went to France and fed chickens whilst I went to Surrey and ate sausages. Lots of sausages. However, things are stirring - slowly. Today we made a plan - yes 'The Plan' we've decided to call it. However, we're also reaching a point where I want to be careful about how much I reveal on the blog. So certain (well actually, all) details off of the plan are going to remain secret for a bit. My photographs are going get slightly more cryptic too, for we would not want to totally spoil the surprise for potential audience members in the Cochrane. But oh what a Plan we have devised. And how we cooed. Anyway - today was fairly productive until two things happened. Firstly, the video camera stopped working. I don't know why, and I don't know how - it just has stopped. And the word DEW keeps flashing on the screen. So if anyone knows what that means let me know please. Secondly, WE HAD AN ACCIDENT. Well, Hannah did. Health and Safety was severely compromised. Its been noted and will surely go down in our risk assessment. Basically, after finding a load of white plinths around the studio, we got into the Black Space to start video/photographing and we thought we could get Hannah inside one of these plinths, which was a bit like her getting into a rectangular tube, head poking out the top, feet poking out the bottom. This was fine, until I turned away for a second, and she fell - into all the other plinths, completely unable to move her upper and lower body. Literally, she fell like a skittle. It wasn't pretty. It was one of the slow motion moments. I thought she was dead, and I wasn't sure which end of the plinth to pull her out (head or feet first?!) Eventually, when she was free and she'd stopped wailing, we went to newsagents across the road and bought TCP and Ibuprofen, which we smothered/dosed her up with. Note to selves: we must not die for our degree. Here are some of the photographs we took before said accident - were're thinking in terms of Gilbert and George's living sculpture attitude.And so onwards - the future? Well, the future lays in this direction.....

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