L O G O 

For a long while I've thought that I needed a logo to represent the Brand that is Barnett.
 So, I turned to one man who I knew would deliver - Mr William Potter of Godalming, Surrey. He has a lovely blog here: http://thequiffisdead.blogspot.com/ Will has a particular illustrative style and taste which I like a lot - and I asked him to design a simple logo for the blog, the brand and probably a T-shirt that I'll make and wear to make myself feel all important. 
 Simple is always best. Here is what he came up with. 
He tried out a couple of ideas, one of which included this [iconic amongst our facebooking circle of friends] picture of Carmen and the Parrot Eyes taken when Steph and I lived in Cleeve House. 
We opted for black and white to fit into the overal scheme. So, thank you Will for labouring on this and all the other ones that you had flying around.

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