IN THIS DIRECTIONHannah and I were uninspired. Hell, we were even bored. And then suddenly, we found ourselves in the White Space, with a white plinth. And lo and behold, I think we ended up taking some of the best photographs we've ever taken.
You cannot imagine how difficult it was to get the shots of me and Hannah behind the plinth with a timer. Lordy. There was much tucking. Hannah may have even sat on my head, but we will avoid ever talking about that ever again.
P R O N E :N U D E:L O U N G I N G:We're thinking Fornophillia, we're thinking Allen Jones. Anyway, we also finished off some mannequin stuff - we liked the idea of something sprouting from their mouths - so we had a practise with some balloons. The organic, squidgy quality of the balloon was a great contrast to the stiffness of the paper mached mask, and the effect of it growing from the head was very strange indeed.

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