Extreme blog update 2
R E T U R N 
T O 
C O C H R A N E :
So, we're back at the Cochrane Theatre - the same venue as the Midsummer project last term. This is where the promenade performance that Hannah and I are devising will take place. We took a tour of the venue today, and we quite like the idea of using the auditorium.... We've had this idea of having the performers seeded amongst the chairs of the auditorium, and then various things happen. Lovely lights inside the Cochrane...
I N N O V A T I O N :
This rather swanky space is situated next to the Cochrane and is available for use during this project. It is called the Innovation Centre. And it is very innovative. We like the white walls and the general clinical feel the whole space had. 
I did a rather naughty thing and climbed onto the window sills - we could perform up here? No? Too dangerous? Who knows. Enough space to do a BEETLE position - definitely.
 This space has possibilities. However, everyone in their right mind wants to use it, so Hannah and I have BACK UPs- yes BACK UPs. Testing out the ARIAL pose... 
Conductors: someone could conduct the performers....
People could be seeded like this amongst the chairs, dressed in our mannequin outfits... 
Rather bizarrely, a brief visit to the Saint Martins in house gallery revealed this lovely creation - it combined a Bauhaus piece of furniture with and Allen Jones inspired piece of leg work - Fornophillia? Whatever. Nice.

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