T A R D I S 
Peter Brachacki designed the original, and the best Tardis Console room in 1963. He used card with circular indentations on it when making a scale model of his design, which is where the roundel pattern came from. He envisaged a single control panel in the centre of the space which could be controlled by one pilot. The glass column in the middle was to rise and fall when the ship was travelling. I think its probably my favourite piece of television design ever, and almost definitely the reason I got hooked on Doctor Who when I was about 3 years old. 
This 70s vision of the future is very retro sci-fi chic. This washing up bowl look to the Tardis interior only lasted one story during Jon Pertwee's tenure. Shame. 
The 1976/77 Tardis - the column goes, and its the first attempt at ditching the white wash walls. I love this set - I think it would be an ideal living room. Odd to think that this unusual take on the Tardis was what existd through the original series golden age.
70s default look.
The 80s disaster Tardis. Awful. Plastic.
The Television Movie Tardis console. Too much happening. Like the girders, mind. Back to Victorian rambling chic.
This is the new series Tardis. I've never really thought about how much I dislike it. They got it seriously wrong in my opinion. I don't like the organic take on it. A new one is coming for Matt Smith's new series - it will be interesting to see where they go with it.

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  1. Don't seem to like much do you?

    The 80's one is wonderful.